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What companies really mean when they call themselves sustainable

Spending so much time thinking about sustainability means we at Simbi Foundation are more alert to greenwashing than Greta Thunberg is to a climate-change denier. In this post, find out how businesses are joining the conscious consumerism trend, and what makes Simbi Foundation a sustainability-first nonprofit.

Source: Harvard Business School Online, What Does Sustainability Mean in Business?
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‘We are sustainable.’ Just trust us!

This is the organization that likes to say they’re green, but never really says why, or how they act sustainably. Buzzwords and keywords are flying at you from all directions, each one harder to pin down than the last. Red flags are often terms such as ‘sustainably sourced’, ‘eco-conscious’, ‘thoughtful’, or ‘with care’.

The air quotes ‘sustainable’ gesture

Better than simply shouting sustainable, is taking a positive step towards a more sustainable workflow. These organizations have a policy, commitment or aspect of their operations that’s specifically intended to promote sustainability.

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An evidence-based sustainable business model

Much higher up the ladder of the sustainable best practices is an entire business model developed in line with sustainable principles. While good intentions can be found throughout this list, these organizations are more committed to environmental aims than most, and they know how to convert that commitment into a sustainable, ethical business model.

Mutually beneficial partnerships that utilize local economies, promote autonomy, and last forever

At Simbi Foundation, we take sustainability so seriously that we don’t even really like to use the word! Knowing the questionable connotations that the term ‘sustainable development’ has collected over recent years, we prefer to leave labels behind, and focus on the specific actions and policies that help to make our projects as resilient and future-facing as possible.

A BrightBox in action

Education means a brighter future.