Volunteering in the Digital Age: A Shifting Landscape

An illustration for Simbi Learn Cloud done by our remote volunteer Helena Alonso.

COVID-19: A Shift Towards Virtual Volunteering

Challenges With Remote Engagement

Virtual Volunteering: Here to Stay

Read-A-Thon participants narrating storybooks for Simbi Learn Cloud to enhance global literacy.

Simbi Foundation’s Online Volunteer Collaborations

Subjects heading illustrations by our remote volunteers that have been integrated into Simbi Learn Cloud.

How Can Your Team Get Involved in Virtual Volunteering?

Students using Simbi’s reading while listening technology in the BrightBox at Twajiji Primary School in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.
The Read-A-Thon leader board that is provided to all participants as a fun way to compete.

A Thank You to Our Volunteers



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