• Alexis Percival

    Alexis Percival

  • Petra Chase

    Petra Chase

    Vancouver-based birdwatcher. You may remember me from my One Direction fan fictions on Wattpad. Co-founder of Fresca, a new collaborative blog for music lovers.

  • Kelvin Kramp

    Kelvin Kramp

    MD and PhD. Let’s bring health and tech together.

  • Aaron Friedland

    Aaron Friedland

  • Pulkit Aggarwal

    Pulkit Aggarwal

  • Ran


  • Aaron Frieldland

    Aaron Frieldland

  • Nicole Hoye

    Nicole Hoye

    I am a proud teacher, Mom, Assistant Principal and children’s author. I received my Master’s Degree in Special Education and have a heart for literacy!

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