“Through this time, it is critical we work together with our partners in Uganda and directly with communities to continue developing innovative solutions that will help the community learn, grow, and thrive through these challenging times.”

We spoke with Simran about the different challenges that remote and refugee communities face without having proper access to readily usable water, why water catchment systems are needed, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting access to water in these contexts.

Simran Thind is a researcher on Simbi Foundation’s Think Tank Water Catchment project, which seeks to improve BrightBox water catchment systems to provide…

We’re all talking about female empowerment and the ability to give someone power but how do we begin?

During our Masterclass, Reetu Gupta shared some insightful words about what empowerment really is and the first steps toward empowerment.

In the spirit of our Masterclass for a Brighter Future with Ndileka Mandela and Reetu Gupta, highlighting social change & activism, female & gender empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and scalable organizations for change, we’re thinking about what our headliner speaker Ndileka Mandela has to say about female education and her vision for education in South Africa.

In our third episode of our podcast Impact in the 21st Century, host Aaron Friedland talks with social activist Ndileka Mandela about carrying her grandfather’s name, finding a voice, and equal access to education for girls.

Ndileka Mandela is a social activist, author of ‘I Am Ndileka: More Than My Surname’ and the founder of the Thembekile Mandela Foundation, which seeks to continue the legacy of Nelson Mandela by promoting Health and Education Programmes in selected remote schools.

Aaron: In terms of African National Congress and some of your work, what was happening with female education with gender-based violence…

“UX/UI is more than just social media…when you understand that UX/UI is not about the client and only about the user, you know how important it is and the benefits it has for the user.”

We spoke with Paola and Miriam about the use of User Experience and User Interface for global good, the importance of accessibility of learning platforms to ensure that all students and teachers have their needs met , as well as tips for budding designers about how to understand and respond to user needs throughout the design process.

What is UX? UX stands for “user experience”…

“Literacy can be the first step to being independent and having more control over your lives.”

We spoke with literacy researcher Pulkit Aggrawal about the importance of literacy in remote and refugee contexts, the effects COVID-19 has on literacy progression, and how global literacy can be improved to make it a reality.

Pulkit studies International Economics in the University of British Columbia, and a Literacy researcher in Simbi Foundation’s Think Tank.

Hi Pulkit! How are you doing?

I am doing great, thanks!

Happy to hear. So to kick things off, could you tell us why literacy is so important? …

How can you overcome your organization’s limits? Being innovative, agile, and globally networked are keys to adapting in this dynamic world we live in today. However, these aren’t the most important aspects to adaptation. To drive through these limits, turn to the adaptive process of symbiosis.

For us, symbiosis describes the mutually beneficial relationships ingrained within our solutions, technologies and partnerships. In fact, the name Simbi Foundation is drawn from the word “symbiosis” or…“Simbi-osis”.

What is Symbiosis?

Simbi•osis /ˌsɪmbiˈoʊsəs/


The mutually beneficial and collaborative relationship between different organisms, people, or groups.

Simbi Foundation is rooted in a symbiotic approach…

Welcome to Impact in the 21st Century, from Simbi Foundation. In this episode, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Apple and Canva tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki discusses how to write a mission statement, staying ahead of the innovation curve, overcoming imposter syndrome, and more!

We’re thinking about how Guy Kawasaki uses mantras to guide his personal and professional life, and how this concept can help you to write the most compelling, memorable mission statement for your NGO, company, or organization.

Guy Kawasaki is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, Apple and Canva tech evangelist, and the creator of Remarkable People Podcast. He popularized…

Welcome to Impact in the 21st Century, from Simbi Foundation. In this episode, CEO of Kobo books Michael Tamblyn discusses how Kobo turned to older adults to create an e-reading experience that was accessible for all and the future of reading in the 21st Century.

Michael Tamblyn is a reading enthusiast, podcast host, and CEO of Rakuten Kobo, one of Canada’s great startup success stories. Kobo now operates in 24 countries as one of the world’s largest ebook retailers and device manufacturers. Michael speaks internationally on innovation in Canada, digital media, and surviving the transition from startup to scale-up…

Welcome to Impact in the 21st Century, from Simbi Foundation. In episode #8, educator, speaker, literacy specialist, and author Adrienne Gear joins us to discuss motivating kids to love reading, brain pockets, and teaching in the 21st century.

We’re thinking about Adrienne’s insightful words on what education needs in the 21st Century, how to inspire your students to be lifelong learners and the concept of brain pockets as a helpful resource in the classroom.

“The impact of not having internet access in the 21st century will result in a lower quality education experience, which in turn will result in another impedance to economic mobility.”

We spoke with William about the challenges and impact that remote and refugee communities face without access to the internet, the importance of digital learning resources, and what Simbi Foundation’s Technology and Server research project is doing to improve the current BrightBox WiFi system.

William Lau is Simbi Foundation’s Think Tank Technology and Server researcher, which seeks to improve the reach of the BrightBox’s offline curriculum platform, Simbi Learn Cloud

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